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Monastery Coffee

Seasonal Blend - Medium Roast

Seasonal Blend - Medium Roast

Toasted almonds, black cherries and milk chocolate

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Shipped by: Monastery Coffee
Location: Adelaide, SA

Monastery Coffee process orders on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Coffee is always shipped within 7 days of roasting.

Items ordered today are expected to ship by Monday (15 July)

The Seasonal Blend is a little more developed, roasted darker, than the individual single origins, but not as far as dark roast version.  Making it easier to use for espresso and filter brewing. The right choice for those who enjoy a little more acidity than a dark roast.  Or who prefer a filter brew with an espresso style taste profile.

It combines transparently traded and single origin coffees to create something both delicious and dependable.

  • 50% Fazenda Resplendor (Natural) - Brazil
  • 50% Biya Faris (Natural) - Ethiopia
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  • Coffee Profile

    Roast Type
    Espresso & Filter Espresso and Filter
    Roast Level
    Blend Blend
    Best served Black or with Milk Best served Black or with Milk
  • Brewing Guide

    Methods recommended
    Espresso Moka pot Pour over Aeropress Drip coffee French press
    Brewing recipe for Espresso

    1 : 2.5

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temperature

    Use pre-infusion, lowering pump pressures to 6-7 bar and using Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT).

    Source: Monastery Coffee
  • Tasting Guide

    Taste Profile
    Rich & Syrupy Rich & Syrupy
    Tasting Notes

    Toasted almonds, black cherries and milk chocolate

Adam from Monastery Coffee


Monastery Coffee

Monastery Coffee are a small batch roaster of traceable coffee, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

As a roaster, Monastery Coffee feel it is their role to firstly, roast only to preserve and highlight the individual qualities inherent in each coffee due to the meticulous work of the producers, and secondly, to make sure the consumer knows who the producers are and where the coffee came from.

Monastery Coffee

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