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Small Batch Roasting Co have been roasting exceptional specialty coffee since 2009, celebrating socially positive and agriculturally sustainable sourcing.   Browse the most popular coffees in the range knowing that all purchases made on our store are placed directly with Small Batch for immediate delivery.


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Small Batch Roasting - Andrew the owner

Established in 2009, Small Batch Roasting Co. want to spread the word that with carefully sourced and roasted coffee beans, a bit of knowledge, and openness to a world beyond espresso, anyone can make coffee at home that’s as good as any cafe’s, and better than most.

Understanding that the best cup of coffee starts with the raw product, they are dedicated to working consciously and meaningfully in a select group of countries, collaborating with producers closely to achieve the holy trinity: coffee that is exceptional, that has a positive social impact and that supports sustainable agriculture.

Small Batch Roasting Co.