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Delicious coffee with a net positive impact - that's the goal for specialty coffee roasters Therefore Coffee located on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland.  Browse the range on offer knowing that all purchases made on our store are placed directly with Therefore for immediate delivery.

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We want to live in a world where coffee producers, their families and communities can thrive.

Unfortunately, the history of coffee production is intertwined with that of colonialism and slavery. Even today it is not uncommon for producers and workers to be faced with poverty, food scarcity, and child labour. Modern slavery still exists within the coffee producing industry.

Coffee is traditionally sold at a price that has nothing to do with farmer's living expenses (Read: C Price) and is often below the cost of production. We don't like the idea of Wall Street influencing how much our producers get paid on a given day. Our sourcing partners always pay premium prices based on cost of production and quality; not the market price.

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