The AeroPress is a game-changer for coffee lovers, producing a smooth, rich, and flavorful cup with ease and portability.

It consists of two lightweight cylinders and a filter.  It’s quick and easy to use and clean, and it’s lightweight and compact so it’s perfect for travelling.

What you'll need:



    Our standard AeroPress recipe is a great starting point for a clean, balanced, filter-style brew.

    • Ground coffee amount: 16g
    • Grind size: medium-fine
    • Brew time: 28 - 30sec
    • Brewed coffee amount: 225g
    • Brew ratio: 1:14
    • Water temperature: 90°C



    1. Prepare

    • Place a paper filter in the basket and attach the basket to the brewer.
    • Place the brewer, without the plunger, on top of the jug (or cup) you intend to brew into.
    • Preheat both by pouring some hot water into the brewer. Discard the hot water from jug.  Rinse and place the brewer back on top of the jug.  
    • Preheat and lubricate the plunger by pouring some hot water over it.

    2. Grind

    • Set your grinder to a medium-fine grind setting suited to a filter brew. Generally, a few notches coarser than an espresso setting on the grinder.
    • Place a dosing cup on the scale and tare the scale to zero.
    • Grind coffee for a few seconds into your dosing cup, then check the weight of the ground coffee on the scale.
    • Keep grinding small amounts of coffee until you reach your target weight. Remove coffee if you go over.

    3. Bloom

    • Boil water to the target temperature you require for brewing.
    • Pour the ground coffee into the brewing chamber.  Level the coffee by gently shaking the brewer.
    • Place the jug with the brewer atop, onto the scale and tare the scale to zero.
    • Start the timer ⏱️
    • Gently and slowly pour 100ml of water into the brewer using a circular motion.  Ensure all the ground coffee is saturated.
    • Gently stir the coffee by moving the paddle left-to-right repeatedly 10 times.  Do not use circular motions.
    • Wait 

    3. Add water

    • At the 1:00 mark, gently and slowly pour more water using a circular motion, until weight reaches 220g in total.
    • Carefully move the jug with brewer atop off the scale and place on the bench.
    • Gently place the plunger into the brewer without pressing too hard.  Once in place, pull the plunger back up a fraction to create a vacuum inside the brewing chamber.  This stops brewed coffee from dripping into the jug.
    • And wait 😊

    4. Plunge

    • At the 2:00 mark, gently and slowly start pressing down the plunger.  Use the weight of your arm to keep applying downward pressure on the plunger.
    • Continue until all the water has been pushed through the ground coffee and you start hearing a hissing sound.
    • Stop! Pull the plunger back up a fraction and stop any further coffee from dripping.
    • Remove the brewer and set aside.

    5. Swirl and serve

    • Give the brewed coffee a few good swirls and let it sit for a minute or so.
    • Pour into your favourite cup(s) and enjoy! ☕😊



    • Ensure the jug or cup has an appropriate opening to hold the AeroPress in place and is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the plunger being pressed down.
    • Don't use circular motions to stir the ground coffee as this creates a whirlpool effect, and the coffee settles into a mound.  Resulting in unevenly extracted coffee. Gently stir the coffee by moving the paddle left-to-right repeatedly 10 times.
    • Never press the plunger down whilst the jug and brewer are on top of the scale.  This could damage your scale and may result in you jug sliding off.
    • Avoid continuing to plunge after you start hearing a hissing noise.  This pushes air through the ground wet coffee and may result in underivable flavour in your brewed coffee.
    • Pressing down the plunger should take around 30 seconds to push all the water through the ground coffee.
    • Clean and rinse your AeroPress brewer after each use.  Regularly remove the silicon end of the plunger and clean within.