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Adrian Garcia (Washed) - Honduras

Adrian Garcia (Washed) - Honduras

Apple, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg

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Adrian Garcia began his career as a coffee producer in the early 2010s after working as a farmer growing corn and beans for sale in the local market.  Since making the change he has learned a lot about the business of coffee, and has increased his production area to establish his Finca Congolon in the San Andres area of Lempira, Honduras.

Adrian sold his coffee in the conventional market for many years with mixed results; some years were profitable while others brought no return for his labor. In 2022, he connected with Exportadora San Vicente through a neighbor, and worked with the exporter to learn more about post-harvest processing in order to realize the full potential of his crops. In 2023 Adrian produced his first specialty microlots, seeking a different market for his coffee and the potential for better prices for his work.

Despite the new opportunities Adrian has found as specialty coffee producer, in 2023 he and his eldest son emigrated to the US seeking work in order to support his family in Honduras. Today, his wife Luisa and younger son oversee the operations at the farm with a commitment to working hard to maintain the high quality production the family has achieved through the years.

This lot of green coffee underwent Washed processing. Freshly harvested ripe cherries are transported to a nearby wet mill where they are pulped the same day they are harvested. The pulped coffee is fermented in a concrete tank for 36–38 hours before being washed three times to remove all of the mucilage from the parchment. The washed coffee is then dried on a plastic tarp on the drying patio for 6–15 days until reaching its ideal humidity.

  • Region: Opalaca
  • Country: Honduras
  • Elevation: 1,960 masl
  • Variety: IH90, Catuai
  • Processing: Washed
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  • Coffee Profile

    Roast Type
    Filterw Filter
    Roast Level
    Single origin Single Origin
    Best served Black Best served Black
  • Brewing Guide

    Methods recommended
    Espresso Pour over Aeropress Drip coffee French press
    Brewing recipe for AeroPress

    1 : 15

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temperature

    This is our standard recipe for AeroPress filter brews. You may want to experiment with this recipe to tailor your brew to your taste preference.

    Source: Acuratore
  • Tasting Guide

    Taste Profile
    Rich & Syrupy Rich & Syrupy
    Tasting Notes

    Apple, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg

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