One year celebration
My love affair with coffee began late in life and came at the same time as my first mobile phone and Hotmail account – I was 17 and just starting out at Melbourne University. I have Salvatore Malatesta to thank for the introduction to coffee and the Faculty Deans for all the spare time they bestowed upon me to partake in the quiet ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee out the back of the union building.
Over the last few decades, the ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee has not just been about sharing gossip with friends or family, or about finding some out of the way hole in the wall café but it has been about the flavour journey. Just like wine, coffee allows you to taste the terroir in the glass. From the bright, acidic and fruity notes of African coffees to the mild and balanced, nutty, spicy notes of Central and South America to the earthy, chocolaty, sweet and heavy-bodied notes of Asian coffees. Searching for and sampling new beans is part of the joy of the coffee ritual for me. This is why we started Acuratore. To allow customers to go on their flavour journey and experience something new, unusual or unexpected in their home brew. Just this weekend I had the pleasure of serving up an incredible Ethiopian filter coffee to my dad – the man is a self-professed lover of instant coffee, and I wish I had captured the expression on his face after the first sip. He licked his lips and looked at me and said that tasted like a scone with strawberry jam and lemon curd! Whilst I don’t think he is a convert quite yet, I truly loved being able to share that moment with him and see the impact that trying something new had on him. I love these experiences and hope that Acuratore can provide these opportunities to our customers too.
We launched our site a year ago and want to thank our customers for their loyalty, our roasters for their patience in teaching us and for their dedication and passion in sourcing and roasting some truly exceptional coffee beans for the Australian public to enjoy. To all prospective customers, we invite you to join us on your next around-the-world coffee flavour journey.