New year's resolutions

New year's resolutions
Tis the season for resolutions and what would the month of January be if no consideration were given to our personal growth goals for the year ahead. I’m always struck by how many of my friends and family are always looking to make more time for their family and kids. How they can be more focussed on the things that matter. How they can be more present and less worried about the minutia of everyday life.
I think the pandemic and the way we all embraced doing things online gave us more time back to share with our loved ones – online shopping, online food ordering, online exercise videos, and online meetings. These gave us the flexibility to do things when it suited our lifestyle – 24 hours a day. The world of subscriptions went one step further and gave us the ability to choose once, fulfil regularly without any need for additional personal effort on a weekly, or monthly basis.
If you would like to take the first step in freeing up some of your time, without sacrificing life’s little pleasures then I encourage you to sign up to a coffee subscription.
Take up the challenge in 2024 and make small changes each and every day to give you more time to spend and be present with your family and friends.