Demystifying Specialty Coffee

Coffee cupping
The term "speciality coffee" was first coined in 1974 by a journalist writing for the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and it was used to describe a movement that was just starting to take off.  But what does it actually mean?

Acuratore is an online specialty coffee retailer.  We don’t roast coffee but instead showcase a curated selection of specialty coffee from roasters across the country who are passionate not only about the quality of the coffee they roast but also ensuring growers are paid a fair and equitable price for their green coffee beans.

So what is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee was used to describe coffee beans that were grown and picked meeting very specific conditions, ultimately producing a higher quality coffee bean. These conditions include the elevation of the farm where the coffee is grown, the type of soil, the microclimate and picking of the coffee cherries at peak ripeness.

In combination with the ideal growing conditions, the coffee must also pass a coffee grading and cupping process in order for it to qualify as specialty coffee. The technical definition of speciality coffee is anything that scores over 80 on the Specialty Coffee Association’s quality scale. At Acuratore, our roasters choose specialty coffee beans to ensure that every home or office brewer can enjoy exceptional coffee that is well balanced and of the highest quality standards in the world.