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Pony Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, Yirgacheffe

Ripe Fruit, Dark Chocolate

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As with many Ethiopian coffees, this particular batch is produced as part of a co-operative union. This union includes local farmers who own small plots of land in the Gedio region. At the 'Worka Sakaro' washing station, this coffee is processed and takes on its namesake.

This coffee has been fermented using the carbonic maceration method giving the coffee its unique flavour profile. Originating from the wine industry, this anaerobic (oxygen-free) processing method involves placing coffee cherries in stainless steel tanks where they ferment for 10 days, releasing carbon dioxide and changing the environment within the tank. The mucilage surrounding the coffee beans permeates sweet fruit flavours into the coffee. After fermentation, the coffee is dried naturally until it reaches ideal moisture content for export.

Chosen for its deep fruity notes achieved through the CM process, this coffee also has a subtle "funky" component that accentuates the sweetness of berries and chocolate. Whether brewed with filter methods or as espresso, this coffee delivers a rich and complex flavour profile highlighted by ripe fruit and dark chocolate, resulting in a full-bodied cup.

  • Region: Gedio
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 2,100 masl
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Processing: Carbonic Maceration
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  • Coffee Profile

    Roast Type
    Espresso & Filter Espresso and Filter
    Roast Level
    Single origin Single Origin
    Best served Black or with Milk Best served Black or with Milk
  • Brewing Guide

    Methods recommended
    Espresso Moka pot Pour over Aeropress Drip coffee French press
    Brewing recipe for Espresso

    1 : 2

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temperature

    Source: Pony Coffee Co
  • Tasting Guide

    Taste Profile
    Balanced & Aromatic Balanced & Aromatic
    Tasting Notes

    Ripe Fruit, Dark Chocolate

Pony Coffee Co - Drip Bag Pouring


Pony Coffee Co.

Pony Coffee Co is a small-batch coffee roaster based in Brisbane specialising in drip bag filter coffee and specialty coffee beans for espresso and filter brewing. They emphasise coffee quality, appreciation for producers, and simplicity in brewing and select their coffees for their consistency, versatility, and flavour. They select single origin coffees that have a unique flavour and character and prioritise relationships with growers and suppliers who import the best coffees from around the world. 

Their head roaster Angie has been roasting coffee for over 10 years and takes great pride in selecting unique quality coffee to share with you all.

Pony Coffee Co.

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