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Pony Coffee Co.

Ethiopia Odako Shanatwene, Sidamo

Ethiopia Odako Shanatwene, Sidamo

Blueberry, Peach, Black Tea

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This coffee is a great example of a natural processed coffee. It's obvious juiciness and full cup of flavour has been enhanced by the natural processing, along with its floral tones.

The Sidamo region, known for its cultural significance and production of excellent coffee beans, is home to the renowned "odako" micro-lot. This area, particularly the Getta Farm owned by producers Daye Bensa, and surrounding small hectares of the  Shantawene Village, grow coffee beans which are harvested by the locals, mainly local women, and processed at the Daye Bensa washing station, which is at the heart of the Shantawene Village. 

This natural processed coffee sees the coffee cherries dried whole. The coffee is laid out on sun-raised beds, or patios.  Which is moved and rotated through-out the day, ensuring it dries evenly. After 3-6 weeks, the cherries reach an optimal low moisture content, they are sent to be hulled where the dried fruit around the coffee beans is removed.  Naturally processed coffees are known to have mild fruity notes, good body, and lower acidity.

This coffee has pleasing fruitiness and floral notes.  It makes a delightful moreish filter coffee with tea-like characteristics, and "classic Ethiopian" coffee flavours which come from these heirloom coffee varietals and high altitude grown plantations. Espresso coffee is balanced and juicy, with a sweet rose-water like linger. 

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  • Coffee Profile

    Roast Type
    Filterw Filter
    Roast Level
    Single origin Single Origin
    Best served Black Best served Black
  • Brewing Guide

    Methods recommended
    Espresso Moka pot Pour over Aeropress Drip coffee French press
    Brewing recipe for AeroPress

    1 : 15

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temperature

    This is our standard recipe for AeroPress filter brews. You may want to experiment with this recipe to tailor your brew to your taste preference.

    Source: Acuratore
  • Tasting Guide

    Taste Profile
    Bright & Fruity Bright & Fruity
    Tasting Notes

    Blueberry, Peach, Black Tea


Daye Bensa, Getta Farm

Pony Coffee Co - Drip Bag Pouring


Pony Coffee Co.

Pony Coffee Co is a small-batch coffee roaster based in Brisbane specialising in drip bag filter coffee and specialty coffee beans for espresso and filter brewing. They emphasise coffee quality, appreciation for producers, and simplicity in brewing and select their coffees for their consistency, versatility, and flavour. They select single origin coffees that have a unique flavour and character and prioritise relationships with growers and suppliers who import the best coffees from around the world. 

Their head roaster Angie has been roasting coffee for over 10 years and takes great pride in selecting unique quality coffee to share with you all.

Pony Coffee Co.

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