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Bolivia Mamani Family

Bolivia Mamani Family

Candied Orange, Red Apple, Roasted Almond, Honey, Toffee

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Juana Mamani is a first-generation coffee farmer. She bought her six-hectare coffee farm when she was just 16 years old after working nearby on her sister’s farm for five years. At 23, she went on to win second place in Bolivia’s Cup of Excellence 2007 with a score of 90.78. Today, she owns the property with her husband Juan, and the couple have named their farm Llana.

As members of the Sol de la Mañana program, Juana and Juan follow a very structured series of courses focused on improving both quality and, critically, yield. The curriculum hones in on one aspect of farming at a time and includes information on building and maintaining a coffee nursery, when to prune and use fertiliser, how to avoid and treat leaf rust, and how to selectively pick coffee. Agricafe has also helped the Mamanis identify which parts of their farms to renovate, repair, and plan where to replant new trees, with a focus on long term, sustainable, and ultimately profitable farming practices.

The higher yields mean they no longer have the capacity to do all of the picking themselves, needing the help of eight to ten seasonal workers. Picking is very hard at Finca Llana, as the trees grow on a very steep incline, and the harvest requires between five to six passes.

This coffee has a wonderful balance of pleasant acidity and sweetness. The sweetness and acidity of soft, round red apples and candied oranges are combined with the flavor of roasted almonds, with a lingering toffee-like sweetness in the aftertaste.
  • Region: Caranavi
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Elevation: 1,500 - 1,670 masl
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Processing: Washed
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  • Coffee Profile

    Roast Type
    Filterw Filter
    Roast Level
    Single origin Single Origin
    Best served Black Best served Black
  • Brewing Guide

    Methods recommended
    Pour over Aeropress Drip coffee
    Brewing recipe for Pour over

    1 : 15

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temperature

    This is our standard recipe for pour over filter brews using a 2 cup brewer. For larger sized brewers, increase the ground and brewed coffee weights using the same brew ration.

    Source: Acuratore
  • Tasting Guide

    Taste Profile
    Balanced & Aromatic Balanced & Aromatic
    Tasting Notes

    Candied Orange, Red Apple, Roasted Almond, Honey, Toffee


Juana and Juan Carlos Mamani

Uchumachi a small and remote settlement in Caranavi province is the epicentre for specialty coffee production in Bolivia. With incredibly high elevations, rich soil, and wide daily temperature ranges providing the perfect conditions to produce exceptional coffee.


Ichihaze Coffee Roaster

Specialty coffee roaster based in North Melbourne with a strong focus on single origin coffees. Ichihaze deal with some of the best coffee merchants in Australia that value sustainable and ethical coffee practices.

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